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I love Jesus.

My bearded husband makes me laugh all.the.time!

I have 5 crazy amazing kids, yes my hands are full but I like to say they are full of the best kind of blessings!

I homeschool, homebirth, bake bread, sew, brew kombucha, and go barefoot whenever I can... I'm kind of a hippie. 

I LOVE being outside; hiking, camping, kayaking, and hanging out feeding bugs to my chickens. 

I am awkward at small talk but LOVE deep conversations! I research EVERYTHING! I use way too many exclamation points!! And See's chocolate is quite possibly the BEST thing about living in California!

I have been obsessed with birth since I was very young. I hope to be a midwife one day. In the meantime, I am busy raising my crew and making art from your birth and family's story!