Welcoming Stetson | Sacramento Lifestyle Newborn Photography

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Sometimes birth doesn't go the way we planned and babies need to come a different way than we hoped they would. Their loves are still a celebration and all the hard work and sacrifice is worth the love and joy they bring to our lives! Stetson is a living example of this. At 35 weeks his mama began having high blood pressure that just wouldn't come down. So instead of the home birth she planned Stetson was given a belly birth. Although it wasn't ideal, Cierra and her husband worked through the difficult birth together and little Stetson was a fighter! After a short stay in the NICU he was released to go home and enjoy his new home just a little earlier than planned.

I loved getting to meet this sweet family and see their gorgeous home. So in love, they have overcome the hard times and created a handsome little fighter that will surely keep them on their toes once he is on the move!

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